City break Arad

City break Arad

Don’t miss our city break Arad deal! The town of Arad, also known as the Baroque Citadel, is rich on tourist attractions grouped around its main traffic lane – the Revoluției Boulevard –  where Continental Forum Arad is very conveniently located as well. 

In Arad, you can see some historic monuments, dating back to the 18th and the 19th century, but you can also take a swim and relax in the Neptun Outdoor Pool, which is the second largest outdoor pool in Europe

Here is what we are offering by city break Arad deal:

– 15% to 25% discount for your accommodation
–  special discount for dinner at Mondo Restaurant
– free upgrade to Deluxe room for minimum 3 nights stays

The offer is valid for minimum stays of two consecutive nights, from Friday till Monday (inclusively).

Things to do in Arad:

-Visit these historic monuments: The Administrative Palace, the Szantay Palace, the National Bank of Romania Palace, the Cenad Palace, the Evangelic Lutheran Church, The Arad Palace of Culture, the Palace of Justice, The „Ioan Slavici“ State Theatre, the Iacob Hirschl House, the Water Tower, the old Cathedral (known today as the Saint John the Baptist Church), the Beller House, the State Philharmonics, and the Arad Citadel.

-Visit the Gai Monastery

-Take a road trip to the Radna Monastery

Our reception staff is ready to provide you with all the touristic information and all the maps that you need. We are waiting for you!

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