Culinary delight
Culinary delight

Mondo Restaurant

Mondo Restaurant

The Mondo Restaurant Arad, located on the ground floor Continental Forum Arad, will offer you the chance to experience luxury, good taste and elegance thanks to massive furniture in shades of beige, silver and black design and creative and elegant restaurant.

The venue has a capacity of 95 seats, with a special area for band musicians, access to the terrace and a delightful view over the park situated in front of the hotel.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, between 12.00 and 24.00. During the summer, meals can be served on the restaurant terrace,

Cosy atmosphere

The friendly, hospitable and relaxing environment define the restaurant and recommend it as the perfect place to dine. While enjoying dinner, a band of musicians  will provide background music live, bringing added value to your culinary experience.

Performance in a plate

Our chefs impress the guests with tasty and unique dishes. In addition to the fine taste, Mondo dishes are placed inventively onto the plate. Mondo is the ideal choice for a business meal, a quiet lunch or an exquisite dinner.


The quality of service offered by our restaurant is a joint effort of the whole team. Each member is trained to advise you in choosing your perfect dish. We are attentive to the customer preferences and we are delighted to pleasantly surprise you!

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