A delicious getaway
A delicious getaway



The confectionery Tekaffe Arad offers a varied menu containing desserts for all tastes: muffins / cupcakes of different flavors and colors, house cakes, cake with nuts and coffee, cookies,raspberry frutissima , the famous mousse cake and many other varieties made from natural ingredients prepared in our own laboratory by our staff.

The menu includes cakes that remind us of childhood: Suhaida, Dobos or Amandine. Raspberry tarts and tarts with nuts and caramel are also very appreciated.

Continental Hotels has developed its own brand, Tekaffe Arad. The name is a pun in German which creates the general concept by joining the words kaffe- coffee and tee -tea.

Besides sweets, our confectioneris make also salty pastries: cheese patties, mushrooms patties, pretzels, crackers, ribbons, cheese straws, pockets with cheese, rolls with cheese, cumin patties and others as appetizing.

The confectionery is open every day of the week, between 8.00 and 21.00.

For orders:


Confectionery: 0372.578.827

Confectionery laboratory: 0372.578.825

tekaffe arad

Perfect morning

Tekaffe is the perfect place where you can start the morning with a coffee customed to your taste and a soft croissant. For those who prefer tea, there is a great variety of flavors to choose from, such as ‘English Breakfast’, ‘Afternoon Tea’ or ‘Darjeeling Tea’.

tekaffe arad


Our confectioners create cakes on demand, as well as customized desserts. Moreover, our customers can order mini cakes for special events such as: mini peach, mini black forest, mini-tekaffee, mini tarts, truffles, Isler, jam rosettes, snowflakes or cheesecake.

Candy bar

Always present at all the events is the Candy Bar with a large variety of dishes that can be prepared in different shades, at your choice: macaroons, glasses with foam of different flavors, fondant candy, lollipops, marshmallows, mini-cupcakes etc.

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