Cultural wealth of Arad
Cultural wealth of Arad

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Arad, city attested in 1028, is located in the west of Romania, on the Arad Plain and it is crossed by the Mureș River from east to west.

After the Second World War, Arad developed as an industrial center. Large industrial platforms have emerged and republican enterprises with thousands of jobs were created. As a result of the increasing population, new neighborhoods and many public buildings appeared, including the Hotel Astoria, now Continental Forum Arad, inaugurated in 1969.

Arad climate is mild, winters are not too cold and summers are relatively warm, most days of the year have positive temperatures.

Proportioned from east to west, the area comprises three main levels of relief:

Forest-Moma Mountains (1.112 m, Pleşu Peak and Momuta, 930 m) and between the valleys of White Cris and Mures – Zarand (Highis Peak, 860 m and Drocea, 836 m)

Western Hills, between 200-400 m height

And plains – West Plain.

The city shelters several industries such as construction and repair of rolling stock, engineering industry, textile industry, food industry, wood processing industry.

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