Soimos Fortress

Soimos Fortress is at 35 km away from Continental Forum Arad, you cand get there in about 40 min from the hotel. Soimos Fortress is impressing ancient, dating from 1278. It was built by a noble family after the first Tartar invasions.

The name of the fortress comes from the tradition according to which here were grown falcons. This activity has brought fame to the Fortress in the Middle Ages.

Şoimoş Fortress is an example of medieval architecture, with large stone walls and the main gate with a wooden bridge suspended on stilts above a ravine.

Currently, Soimos Fortress is a proof of medieval architecture resistance, its walls resisting over hundreds of years, as well as gateways and trim courtyard.

The road to the Fortress offers a unique view over the Mures Gorge and to Arad Plain.

Soimos Fortress is situated on the Cioaca Tautului hill in Lipova city on the right bank of the Mures river. How to get to the fortress from Continental Forum Arad.