Private Events

If you are looking for a wedding restaurant in Arad, a baptism party hall or a location for a birthday party, Continental Forum is the perfect choice. Our three event halls are situated on three levels, one of which offering an amazing panoramic view over the city. Depending on the number of guests, our qualified personnel will help you choose the right hall for your event whether you have 90, 160 or 220 guests.

As a wedding venue, we provide all-inclusive menus, surprise gifts for the newlyweds but also an elegant design of the hall. As a baptism party venue, next to a customized menu we will offer for free any of the services provided by our hotel. We guarantee a successful event as our team is composed by specialists with years of experience and many impeccable planned events. Our tailor-made services, our tasty dishes, the elegant design and the flawless service represent just a few of our assets.

Special offers and discount packages can be set up for all kinds of private parties so that you have the possibility to adjust our proposition to your preferences.


Weddings restaurant Arad

50-220 pers. 3 halls

Continental Forum Arad offers the best wedding restaurant in Arad and, also, high-quality services for organizing one of the most important events in a person’s life. Our team of professionals is also responsible for advising the grooms, helping them make the best decisions based on the experience we gained in organizing these types of events.

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Choosing a restaurant for a wedding party is a difficult task, but Continental Forum Arad gives you the opportunity of being able to choose between three different wedding venues in order for your event to be an unforgettable one. 

The experience acquired in organizing events has proven to be essential in advising the newlyweds so that each decision comes close to perfection. The three lounges have different capacities, but they all have in common an elegant style and a great quality of service.

Panoramic Lounge is located on the 11th floor, offering a beautiful view over the city and has a capacity of 160 people. The round tables, the white solid wood furniture as well as all decorations represent a sample of good taste and elegance.

Mezzanine Lounge is positioned above the central lobby, offering a view of the park in front of the hotel. With a capacity of 220 people, Mezzanine Lounge is the perfect choice for a wedding restaurant in Arad that can accommodate a large number of guests.

Mondo Lounge is the perfect choice for an intimate wedding lounge. With a capacity of 90 people, antique furniture in shades of beige, silver and black and an elegant design, this lounge will receive your guests’ admiration. The venue includes a special area for music bands and the direct access to our wonderful terrace is one more excellent reason to choose Continental Forum Arad.


A wedding venue in Arad should always prioritize the success of the event and this is a lesson we have well understood. Besides our capacity to adapt our tailor made solutions for the menu, the newlyweds will also receive a surprise gift on our behalf and also discounts for those willing to host their wedding party on a Friday or a Sunday.>

At height

Next to our impeccable services refined throughout the years, we take pride in our 360 degree panoramic view offered by the Panoramic Lounge. Being one of the tallest buildings in Arad, Continental Forum has a great view of the surroundings and the Panoramic Lounge is situated at the hotel’s 11th floor.


For desserts or candy bar, Tekafee confectionery’s own laboratory can provide for different special requirements. That way you can make sure that your wedding cake will only include natural ingredients, a lot of passion and colorful flavors.


Attention to detail and our qualified personnel are just two of the attributes that set us apart from our competitors. And because we wish for everything to be perfect, the decoration work is made together with a specialized firm, we use the services of a professional bartender for preparing cocktails and the rest of our team will do their best to offer you the event of a high standard.

birthday celebrations

Birthday Celebrations in Arad

50-220 pers. 3 halls

Looking for a fine birthday party restaurant in Arad? For birthday parties and 18th birthday we have special offers, specifically tailored to the type of your event.

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Every anniversary party is a special occasion and this is the reason why we designed special offers and facilities suited to these kinds of events.

The menu customization, carefully crafted by our chefs or the open bar drinks packages including cocktails made by professional bartenders come to satisfy every clients’ requests.

Tekaffe confectionery is the ideal partner if what you are looking for is a spectacular candy bar including a variety of sweet treats, macaroons,  glasses with foam of different colors, fondant candies, lollipops, marshmallows or mini cupcakes are just some of their creations. And, of course, one of the main attractions of an anniversary party can be custom-made. This means that your cake will be exactly the way you imagine it to be.


If you are looking to organize a birthday party in Arad, you should know that we have a special offer for this type of event.


When organizing a birthday party we are more than open to your requests, so that we make your ideas come true. We also maintain our standards and we pay attention to the smallest details.


Moreover, our lounges suited for a birthday party in Arad, are elegant and the round table arrangement comes in addition to the fine design.


The variety of food and drinks will offer each guest quality time. This is why you can customize the menu and our cocktail offer is extensive, whether we’re talking about alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.


Christening party restaurant in Arad

50-220 pers. 3 halls

At Continental Forum Arad we organize beautiful and distinguished baptism events. Our elegantly decorated lounges are the perfect setting for such an event. So, if you are looking for a fine baptism restaurant in Arad, you are in the right place.

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Depending on the number of guests and special requests, Continental Forum Arad comes to meet your needs with three different options for a christening party lounge in Arad.

The Panoramic Lounge has a capacity of 160 people and offers a beautiful view over the city, as it is located on the 11th floor of the hotel. Its elegant design and white massive wood furniture are ideal for organizing a christening party in Arad.

The Mezzanine Lounge is the biggest and can host up to 220 guests. This is located above the lobby, having a special area for music bands and offering a view of the park in front of the hotel.

Mondo Restaurant has an elegant design, can accommodate up to 90 guests and offers direct access to our wonderful hotel terrace.


For those looking to organize the party on Friday or Sunday, we have prepared several offers and discounts.


Tekaffe confectionery, with its own laboratory and skilled bakers, can design an excellent cake in accordance with your desires. The natural ingredients added to colorful decorations are meant to guarantee you a delicious dessert.


The customized menu, tailored to your taste, includes both Romanian cuisine dishes as well as international cuisine dishes. We are here to make sure that, no matter your choice, all dishes will look irresistible and will be made with passion, respecting the highest standards.


We know how important every detail is when it comes to organizing a christening party and this is the reason why we work with a specialized firm for decorating the environment. By doing this we make sure that your party will benefit from a special touch in an elegant ambiance.

18th birthday party

18th birthday party in Arad

60-150 seats 3 halls

If you wish to organize your 18th birthday party in Arad, Continental Forum is the best choice. We can provide you several lounges for this type of event and our menus are tailor-made by our qualified staff.


The hotel’s central location, our expertise and the customized menus for a birthday party are some of the most important elements of a successful event. Our tasty dishes, our variety of open bar cocktails and our qualified staff will make sure that one of the most important parties in your life will be an unforgettable one.



Whether you choose the menu “Something Original”, “Something Extraordinary”, “Wonderful Fun” or “It’s Party Time!”, our specialized team, with extensive experience in this field, will be with you to guide and fulfill all requirements!

Great location

You can have your 18th birthday party at the Gala Club,  the Mezzanine lounge or in the Panoramic lounge. The Panoramic lounge offers a unique view over the city and will give a feeling of uniqueness to your event.


We offer menus that include pre-arranged drinks packages, but you can also opt separately for open bars that contain delicious cocktails prepared by our experienced bartenders! For a unique event, we suggest the chocolate fountain, the candy bar or the fruit buffet!


Banquets in Arad

60-150 seats 3 halls

Every banquet marks an important moment in life and it represents the transition towards another phase, whether it is the start of high school years or the start of university years.


At Continental Forum we provide different solutions for a banquet venue in Arad.

Our events team at Continental Forum Arad offers you the most interesting menus and offers for organizing your banquet in Arad. These special moments are to be celebrated next to your friends and colleagues. We will provide you with the necessary assistance brought by our broad experience in organizing private parties, always paying attention to any special requirements.



For the organization of banquets in Arad we offer you the most diverse dishes, in packages such as “Prom Queen” or “Prom King”, two types of open cocktail bar for the most daring parties, but also various vegetarian dishes. To make the party really special, we suggest the chocolate fountain, the candy bar or the fruit buffet. An extra benefit is that at Continental Forum Arad you can also choose the Bohemian Package – a French package that contains different kinds of cheese, grapes, nuts and much more.


For the most elegant banquets, we offer you our carefully decorated restaurants, with round tables that accompany the refinement of the other pieces in the salon. For parties with a maximum of 70 guests, we can also host the party in our night bar. If you choose the Panoramic lounge, you will add uniqueness to the party due to the view over the city.


We are at your disposal for any questions or concerns. We will guide you through the organization of the event and we will give you useful advice as well as affordable prices. We also have a special rate for guests who want to benefit from accommodation: 150 lei / single or double room (valid for weekends).


Catering in Arad

Over time, we have demonstrated that catering can be transformed into a form of art. For us, every client is unique and special. Determine where you want to organize the most beautiful event in your life, and we will move with an entire team of professionals in order to offer you a full range of services for a flawless event. That is why we pride ourselves with the best catering service in Arad.


Our professional team can provide catering services in Arad, at the highest standards. In the past years, we have covered more than 75 events in 14 different counties.

Continental Forum Arad will provide catering services for any kind of event. We deliver high quality products for private parties as well as for corporate parties up to 2700 guests. In time we have provided catering services for more than 42000 guests and we are the most important catering partner in Arad.

Some of our most important successes:

  • 4 consecutive events with a total of 1200 guests (Ialomița, Tulcea, Constanţa, Teleorman counties);
  • farthest event – Negru-Vodă (800 km);

Out of the ordinary

The dishes we offer through the catering service are among the most diverse, cooked with passion and care for taste. We offer the complete menu for any type of event, and the dishes made by us bear the signature of top quality. For us, the arrangement on the plate is as important as the flavor of the food, so we make sure that the products we prepare and transport are creatively arranged.


Because passion defines us and we always want to provide personalised service packages, we offer both catering services (public catering) and qualified staff, as well as logistical and technical support. Due to the specific technical equipment (cold machine, thermoboxes), the food preparations are kept in optimal conditions in terms of temperature and sanitary-veterinary conditions.


The experience gained, the primordiality of customer satisfaction and the constant desire for improvement, drives us pay extra attention to detail and commitment in organising events. Each client is unique and special and we are grateful for each successful event.